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Stephen Fry clone spotted at Prince Charles’ party

The Guardian technology blog has another nice example of how you really can’t regard the media as a guaranteed source of information this week.  Those of you that follow Stephen Fry’s twitter feed will know that over the last few weeks he’s been travelling around with Mark Carwardine, revisiting the animals covered in the book by Douglas Adams and Mark, “Last Chance to See“.

Last weekend, he was travelling back from Madagascar looking at lemur, amongst other things, so it was probably with some surprise that he might have read an article in the Sunday Times.

Seventy-five guests, including the television stars Stephen Fry and Dame Judi Dench, began to arrive at Highgrove, the country home of Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, shortly before six o’clock yesterday for an evening of entertainment, celebration and the prince’s own organic food.

I guess the Times wasn’t invited.  Mind you, it would provide a handy alibi should he have been up to something more nefarious that Saturday night..

(Incidentally, the BBC were just as bad)


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