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About me

I’m a 36 year old IT professional currently working in Ipswich in the United Kingdom.  I spend my time playing with technology, ranting about politics, juggling and figuring out new and interesting places to visit and all of those things are likely to crop up in my blog at one time or another!

If you want to find out more about me on a professional basis, I have a Linkedin profile, but I should add that anything posted on this site is entirely my own views and is certainly not representative of the views of my employer.  Alternatively you can contact me at alan {at} alanbrookland(.)com or just leave a comment somewhere!

Incidentally. the picture above was taken while playing with hovercraft with the guys at Glide3 which I highly recommend as a day out if you’re ever London way.


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  1. Dan Meyer says

    Hey Alan!

    Here’s a quick overview of my schedule –

    26 Feb – Wellcome
    28 Feb – Ripley’s Piccadilly Circus (2:28pm)
    28 Feb – Wellcome (3pm)
    1-6 March – available London?
    7 March – Oxford
    8-9 M – Newcastle
    10 March – Portsmouth
    11 March – Bristol
    12 March – Imperial College London

    Here’s the link to the Ig Nobel UK Tour link:

    If you’re in London, come to the Imperial College show! I see you’re a juggler – do you pass clubs? Bring a set of 6 or 7 clubs and we can try something REALLY crazy at Imperial!

    London. Imperial College. Great Hall,
    Level 2, Sherfield Building, South Kensington campus. (Click here for map.) … Free. Tickets (limit 2 per person) must be obtained in advance. Email events {at} with your name, email and postal address. Tickets will be mailed approximately one week before the show and the tickets entitle everyone one free drink (beer, wine or soft drink) at the reception following the show.
    NOTE: Anyone who has not received their tickets by Monday, 9th March should email graduate.schools {at} to let them know.

    Hope this helps! See you in London? I’d love to see that hovercraft!



  2. Alan says

    Thanks Dan, I’ll certainly try and make it down to the Ripley’s thing. Sadly the other London dates are mid-week so might be tricky with work, but the Imperial College thing sounds fun.

  3. Matt Thomas says

    Alan? Is that you? the former AD&D playing dude from London … who went to Essex U …. with me and played games on a Wednesday afternoon with me, and Sam and others??/

    if it is… been looking for yoyu for a LONG time.

    This is Matt (Thomas) … formerly of Colchester (and Essex U) …. now in the Highlands! If it’s you … and therefore, you know ME …. get in touch!!! been a long time … and would love to catch up – email me and will send back phone number


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