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Italian Job contest winner

The Royal Society of Chemistry have announced their winner for their Italian Job contest.

I summarised the shortlist earlier, but they’ve gone for the practical but dull smash out the windows, let down the tyres, dump the fuel and load the front with rocks option.

If you ask me, some of the other entries that didn’t make the shortless look much more imaginative though, even if perhaps not actually practical!

It looks like they had:  grapples made from venetian blinds and clothing, ball and chain efforts with boulders (I’m not quite sure what’s going on with that one!), unfortunate team members impaled on the front of the bus and even the use of other dimensions (meta material?) to pick from.

Personally I think they should have gone for the making nitric and hydrochloric acid from their explosives and urine option (they are the Royal Society of Chemistry after all) but that only came in fourth.

The final ranking was:

  • Winner:  Smash windows, dump fuel and let down tyres
  • Runner-Up:   Melting the road

and in no particular order:


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