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Neil Gaiman’s ‘Man in Washington’

I went to a Neil Gaiman reading of his new book, ‘The Graveyard Book‘ on Friday, which was an excellent evening with him reading a chapter from the book and then taking questions.  It was interesting however to hear his views on the upcoming US election.

He was careful not to ally himself with either camp, pointing out that he doesn’t have a vote anyway (he has retained his British citizenship in case the Queen found out he’d moved..), but he did tell us all about his ‘man in Washington’.  Apparently he has worked quite closely with John McCain and pointed out that while he’s a nice guy he doesn’t know how to run his office and he’d be worried if he was going to run the country in the same way.

I don’t know, does the US need a big picture guy right now, or someone who is good at the details?  It sounds like John McCain certainly isn’t the latter.


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