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I wonder if there are human conspiracy pages on the rhino internet?

I’ve just been watching Stephen Fry in Africa following the efforts of the local wildlife preservation teams managing rhino stocks in the various national parks.

Rhinos apparently stop breeding if there are too many of them in a small area, so some are being moved to a different park to help continue to build up the numbers, which seems like an excellent idea, but for the individuals it must move them into the rhino equivalent of alien abductees.

“So, you’d just gone out for a quick rampage across the savanna then there was this large flying thing which chased you down hovered above you? Ok, sir, I’m writing it all down”

“Yes, that’s right. Then I felt a sudden bite and I couldn’t move. I was surrounded by long squashy alien things who cut a notch out of my ear and *shudder* I think they probed me anally. Next thing I know I was in a box and them dumped me miles away!”

“How unpleasant for you sir. Now, you’re sure that you hadn’t been drinking at all that night?”

“No! It’s all true! I have a feeling they implanted something in my horn too!”

“Yes, of course they did sir. We’ll be sure to make a full investigation…”


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