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Does an orchestra count as an instrument?

Today I am confused by technology.

My Macbook Pro, which when it’s not having a endless variety of things go wrong with it (a story for another day) is currently refusing to connect to a local BT Openzone hotspot.  I am so used to things ‘just working’ with the Mac, on the software side at least, that this failure has me stimied.  I can boot into Windows on the same machine and it will connect fine, I can even browse the highly exciting but unhelpful BT Openzone advertising pages, but I cannot persuade it to let me logon to the Hotspot.

Firefox informs me that the site seems valid, but it just cannot establish a connection.  Am I being snubbed by Openzone?  Are OS X and the hotspot just operatings on such a different wavelength that they have nothing in common?  Should I introduce topic cards to get the conversation started?

I am at a loss.

Oh well, it’s nearly lunchtime and I have tickets to see Bill Bailey in command of an orchestra at the Albert Hall this evening, so that should be entertaining at least.  I wonder if he’ll have his synth connected to their chairs, so that when he presses a key a small electric shock triggers them to play a note?


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